OC Podcasters MeetUp & Fox Sports Grill

I had a great time at the MeetUp for OC Podcasters as usual.  However, I had another sub-par experience at Fox Sports Grill. All the staff there is great.  Actually, really nice people.  The only problem is I can never find anything good on the menu.

To date I have had the turkey burger, by the way the best one at the spectrum is at the Yardhouse, the buffalo chicken burger, which was extremely hot.  It came with onion rings that were more like onion strings (very limp and not crispy at all).  The fries there are good.

Also, although I am not a big beer drinker I do really like the Blue Moon beer they have there on tap.  I have also had the sliders there, they are ok, but not really good.  I’m just trying to find something that is very good there.  I once tried the chicken fingers, reasoning that no one can really screw those up.  But once again they were not what I was expecting.  I really want to find something good at this place since it seems that many groups I meet friends/collegues like to eat here.  Can anyone reccomend something on the menu that is REALLY good?