Audi’s Superbowl Ad

The Story: Audi means progress and they believe in giving back to the “world around us.” Lesser part of the message, but still there, Audi is luxury, new and exciting.

Medium: Television
The commercial during the Superbowl depicted the progress part of the story by saying the old guy whose dad had a mercedes-benz is old school. To be progressive choose the Audi and be set free. The commercial also contained features to be used in two different online programs.

Medium: Youtube
The youtube video is used in the Facebook competition. It also furthers the reach of Audi on this social media website. It has over 1.5 million views and almost two thousand likes and only 70 dislikes (probably mercedes-benz die hards and employees).

Medium: Twitter (
At the end of the commercial they quickly showed a twitter hash tag to be used in an online competition. Twitter users must submit what progress means to them along with a link to the contest page on audi’s website. Other twitter users who re-tweet that user’s post/hash tag are voting for that user. The user with the most mentions will be able to give $25,000 to the charity of their choice. Thus, proving that Audi is about giving back to the world, while of course raising awareness of the brand Audi.

Medium: Facebook (
On Facebook, Audio has launched another program called “The Real Estate Sale.” In which, users are invited to watch the ad and click on luxury items. Each item represents a certain cash value. At the end of the video, your total is figured and and you can submit your score. Everyone who participates in the challenge will be entered to win an Audi sports car experience.

Each medium works for the different part of the story. This campaign was well thought out and takes advantage of all three major players in the social media space: Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. Youtube plays the video on Facebook and The Twitter program utilizes the hash tag feature of Twitter to spread the word. The Facebook program utilizes the social game play/competition addiction that has already been leveraged by the likes of Zynga games like Farmville, Cityville and Mafia Wars.

This narrative did not depend upon audience participation. When the audience participates it drives the reach of the companies name online. The narrative would survive with out audience participation. This campaign was all narrative based. They wanted to get across two core beliefs of Audi: Progress and giving back/charity.