Oatmeal Experiment: Weigh-in #5

So the oatmeal experiment comes to an end.  What are the results?  Well, I’m totally tired of oatmeal.  My final weigh-in results were X – 1.  I’m one pound lighter than I was on Sunday night.  The changes you see above in the chart could just be normal weight fluctuations.  Funny, I thought I would have really gained some kind of different knowledge through this experiment.

A friend of mine Tom, wants to do a wight loss challenge of some kind and when we get it going I will post the results here.

Oatmeal Experiment: Breakfast Day 5


My last day…maybe.  Tom, from the comments, has suggested that we do some kind of weight loss challenge.  I’m up for it, so we will see what Tom has in mind.

Today is Earth day so I got my free coffee from Starbucks in my reusable travel mug.  Stay tuned for my weigh-in tonight.

Oatmeal Experiment: Weigh in #4

I’m back up to negative one.  I gained one pound since yesterday.  Bummer.  Kinda seems to be normal weight fluctuations so far.  Tom in the comments of the last post suggested that I keep up the experiment for more than one week.  He suggest that I keep it up for a month.  My response is, “Are you nuts?”  One month, I can barely do this for one week.  I miss bacon, eggs, crossants, hash browns, etc.  This has been very difficult.

Before I worked at Verizon Wireless, with the connivence of the cafe, I used to skip the breakfast meal altogether.  But now, every morning I get something.  I’m definitely taking the weekend off.  Its Easter for heck sake!  On Monday, I’ll decide what my next steps will be, but I’m not done yet.  One more day to go.

Oatmeal Experiment: Breakfast Day #4


Today I switched it up.  I got orange juice instead of coffee.  This choice will increase my caloric intake by 185!  This may impact my weigh in tonight.  Only one more day left.

Oatmeal Experiment: Weigh in #3


X – 2!

I can’t believe it!  I’ve lost two pounds since starting this experiment.  In only 3 days!  WOW!  I’ve hardly given up anything!  I had a bacon cheeseburger today for lunch.  Its just too bad I had to give up the options of my favorite meal of the day.  Well, tomorrow morning will be oatmeal again.

Oatmeal Experiment: Breakfast Day 3


Half way there!  Only 2 more days!  Already thinking of the yummy Saturday morning breakfast I am going to have.  I did the same thing as yesterday today.  Starbucks and oatmeal.

The Oatmeal Experiment: Weigh in #2

X – 1!

Tuesday night and I’m at X – 1!  One pound less in just two days of oatmeal, but is this just normal weight changes or is this the beginning of a trend?

Oatmeal Experiment: Breakfast Day 2


Getting sick of oatmeal already.  The bacon and eggs are calling my name!  Any way today I upgraded my coffee to some yummy Starbucks, but that is the only change as you can see.  I’m happy with the wordpress app so far.  Stable and easy to use.

I added a poll to the last entry so you can vote on if this experiment will work or not.

Oatmeal Experiment: Weigh-in #1

X – 0

So its monday night and that means this if the first weigh-in to see if I have gained, lost or maintained. Tonight we are still at X. The exact same weight as last night, no change.  So so far we can say that oatmeal in the morning as helped me to maintain my current weight, but is not helping me lose weight.  Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Do you think that this experiment will result in a weight change?  If so how?  Weigh in below:

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Oatmeal Experiment: Breakfast Day 1


Here is breakfast from day one.  As you can see the portion is pretty large.  They have a smaller size at the cafe but, I am very hungry this morning.  I’m also having some black coffee.  They serve Seattles Best at the office.  Its not my favorite, but it does the job.

I hope this post works as it is the first time I have tried blogging from the wordpress app on my android.