Why I Hate Libsyn….and Why I Can’t Leave Libsyn (or can I?)

Dang I hate these guys!  Last year when they “upgraded” everyone to the new “improved” libsyn they dropped 3/4 of my podcast episodes and it took them 3 months to get them back.  Actually, I uploaded all but one of them myself.  They only had to recover one and that took them three months.

This is their main function.  To store podcast for our listeners to download.  And that simple thing they could not get right.  Now we are switching banks and I have to change my credit card information on their antiquated interface.  When I tried I was notified that I would have to leave the type of account that I have been on since I signed up 5 years ago, it is no longer available on the new system, so they say.

Strange part is that I’ve been using this account on the new system for the last year with no problems.  If you’re screwing over your oldest customers, I started podcasting in November of 2005, then at least be frank about it and tell the truth.

The real reason is, they don’t make as much from me as they possibly could.  I would normally leave a company that treats me this way.  But this is the worst part, I’m stuck.  Libsyn is still the best company out there doing this (such a sad fact!).  So my alternative is to stop podcasting.  In all honesty, I have not put out a podcast in a very long time.  I have held out hope that I would one day be able to podcast again.

Once again I’m considering hanging up the microphone for good.  Not because I want to stop, but because I’m being screwed over by the only company that can help a podcaster out.

If you are looking to switch to Libsyn or are considering starting a podcast at all.  I urge you to move to another platform and consider all alternatives carefully.  Because you may find yourself contemplating giving up podcast just because of Libsyn as I am now.  I’m very sad that Libsyn is helping to destroy podcasting by treating their members so very badly.