410 Calories Without Taking A Bite: Introducing The 42 oz McDonald’s “Hugo”

McDonald’s has been struggling to give themselves an image makeover
—they’ve cut the “supersize” menu and added salads and apple dippers. But what’s this What the heck is a “Hugo”? The Hugo is McDonald’s new drink size, available only in certain markets, the Hugo is 42 oz and when filled with regular soda weighs in at an impressive 410 calories!

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Spiderman 3

Michelle and I went to Spiderman 3 at the dollar theater last night. It was an okay movie. I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5. The action scenes saved this movie from a 2 star rating. It was too slow in some place. Something that needs to be read as a book not seen as a movie. Since it was a comic book before, maybe this is the best way to experience Spiderman. This was the worst of the three movies in my humble opinion. Glad it was only $1.50 to see.

URL: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0413300/

The Wheel of Life

Michelle and I tried a new restaurant last night. Having read a nutrition book just before our last vacation and hearing all the wonderful information about tofu, Michelle thought it would be a good idea to go out to a restaurant that had many tofu dishes, so we can find out what we like and then try to replicate it at home. And so, we visited a restaurant called “The Wheel of Life”. Michelle had been there before, but I had not. We decided to each order something different and eat “family-style”, each sharing each others meal. We ordered the Stuffed Tofu Surprise and the Sweet and Sour Pork (not real pork). The Sweet and Sour Pork was really good. Tasted like the real thing. The Stuffed Tofu Surprise was more of a mystery than a surprise. We couldn’t identify the mystery green herbs in the top of each crispy tofus square. It was okay, but not good. I would not order it again. The other guest in the restaurant all seemed to both us, very hippie-ish. All skinny mostly younger women. Skinny is good that means this place is probably healthy. The fact that so many people were there was also good as far as I was concerned.

URL: http://www.wheelofliferestaurant.com/

Top 7 Ways to Use Your Home’s Wasted Space

“It’s hidden inside the walls, beneath the stairs, in places you’d never think to look. The solution to the great American storage crunch is all around us in the form of unused space — cavities and nooks ready to absorb clutter and help bring order to domestic chaos. As a longtime carpenter and builder, and now the host of Wasted Spaces, a new show on the DIY Network, I’ve specialized in finding quick and efficient ways to make use of these little-used storage resources.”

url : http://www.popularmechanics.com/home_journal/home_improvement/4212963.html