How Google Works Book Review



Listened to How Google Works by Eric Scmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg in the car with my wife. The book was read well by the speaker, not great, but okay. As for the content of the book, it seemed pretty good a lot the same as Bold. Take bigger risk for bigger reward, etc. Lots of emphasis on hiring and how important it is (duh). Some great ideas and good things to keep in mind. But nothing Earth shattering. I liked the possible interview questions to use as we were interviewing at the time I listened to that section. Good timing!

This book was a recommendation from the departments vice president.  She also listened to the book on her commute to and from work.  The book had 9 tracks and it went really fast when we remembered to plug it in and listen to it.  My wife and I both agreed to listen to more business books for our drive now.  This should help me put a dent in my reading list.