1128 Kraemer – Schaener Ranch

We moved to Placentia almost two years ago.  1128 Kraemer, Placenta, CA is a property within the city that I have always wondered about.  Especially recently as my weekend runs often take me past it.  I have had a better view of the property.  I have also looked it up on google maps recently.  Image below.

Schaner Garden FarmI assure you this is not how the rest of the beautiful city of Placentia looks.  So then, whats the deal with this place?  So to Google I went and searched on the address.  Which lead me to a place called Schaner Farm. Or spelled a little differently can be Schaener Ranch.  Turns out the city is considering building town homes on this location.

The Future


The 112-unit structure, labeled Schaener Ranch…would span 7.98 acres and would include 50 townhome units, 50 duplex units and commercial space with 12 more units positioned above that.  There is a Facebook page on it for anyone interested and an article from the OC Register.  And finally you can click here to view an FAQ on the project.

The development is being proposed by homebuilder HQT Homes, which has constructed similar projects in Lakewood and Bellflower.  The units would range from $200k to $500k.

“(We) hope to have city approval by March or April. We will start grading beginning in July and would start building by the end of the year,” Huennekens said. Homes would be ready by 2014, he added.

The Past


Here is a picture I took on one of my runs.  Its an Emu I think.  It looks like the property used to be an organic farm.  As early as 2012.  You can read more about Schaner Garden Farm at Farmer Dave‘s website.