Samantha in January

Here are some pictures of what Samantha did this month thus far.  She has been very active and of course everyone wants to hang out with Samantha.  Daddy also put together a high chair, which took him much longer than he thought it would.

Here is Paul with Samantha, I’m not sure which one of them is more relaxed in this picture.

Samantha is carnivorous in this photo.  Don’t eat Tigger Samantha!

Here is Daddy trying to put together her new high chair.  “What the…?”

And here is the finished product…

Here is one with Aunt Lauren, when she hung out with us early in the month.

Big girl sitting in the couch.  Very happy with herself.

Samantha is just ecstatic to be rocking with her Aunt Lauren.

And finally here is Grandma Lyn taking care of Samantha today, to give Grandmama Grace a break.

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The Sounds of Christmas

One of my gifts for Christmas was the H2 Handy Recorder.  So I recorded a bit of what was going on.  Here it is.

Samantha’s 8th Week

Can’t believe Samantha is already 2 months old.  We had a great Thanksgiving (pictures of that coming soon)!  I also took the week off to so I could spend it with Samantha and Michelle.

Here is a picture of David holding Samantha.

Here is one of Samantha hanging out in her crib, which she can play in all by herself for 10 minutes at a time with no help.

This is a photo of me holding Samantha at the Sepctrum outside Santa’s house near Target.

Here is another one at the same place, but with the whole family.

Here is a shot of Samantha being held by her Great Grandma Georgie.

And finally a picture of Uncle Philip holding Samantha.

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Lots of Information About Your Last Name (Surname)

Pretty cool site I found called  It gives you a ton of information about your last name for instance this is what I was able to find about Watts:

The root of Watts is European/Other Western, the root language for the name is English.  The name is most popular in Australia followed by Great Britian, New Zealand, United States and Canada.  It goes into further detail listing the top regions and Cities.

I also found out that the top Forenames (or first names) for Watts are Ian, Robt, Martin, Frank and Christine.

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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Michelle!  The last five years have been amazing.  I am looking forward to many many more!  I love you very much!

Target Attempts to Kill My Unborn Child

In a study released Thursday they found that the smell released from new shower curtains is toxic.  This smell may cause:

liver damage as well as damage to the central nervous, respiratory and reproductive systems

But you’re okay after the smell goes away right?  Wrong!

some chemicals were found in the air 28 days after a PVC shower curtain was unwrapped and hung.

Throw away your PVC/Vinyl shower curtains now!  Then was your hands very well!

Link to the LA Times article.

Link to the Study.

St. Patrick’s Day


These are some pictures from Grandma Georgie’s house on St. Patrick’s Day.


Michelle and will

Will and Jim