NAS Woes

We just got back from vacation and after turning back on NAS I get beeps!  Not what you want to hear when powering on after a week of having the server off.

So new hard drive is ordered and I’m $200 dollars poorer, but all my digital files will be a little safer in a few days.  Disk 1 is the drive that went out and it was the first one installed of course so, makes sense I guess.  The best part is because of RAID 5 nothing was lost and the system continues to run.

With Prime from Amazon, It will be back up Monday night.  I’m currently doing a secure erase on the bad drive.  Then I’ll take it out and dust the whole enclosure while throwing out the old drive.  #ITdad


I got this old Dell Inspiron B130 from my sister-in-law and I wanted to see if I could install Mac OS X on it.  Well, I could, but I also have to keep this paperclip in the VGA port all the time.  Not a great solution.  So tomorrow its Ubuntu.  I just wanted to see if this could be done.  It was fun, for a geek like me.

Stop Facebook…get your privacy back

Facebook secretly tracking your online purchases and telling your friends what you bought.  Click this link to stop it.

Audio problems with iTunes 7.5

I just had to uninstall QuickTime and re-install it because I got this audio configuration error while trying to install iTunes 7.5.  It is really not meant to be used on a Windows box.  For everyone else who is having this problem here is the solution.  What a pain in the butt.  Thanks a lot Apple!

HOWTO Change the PRINTER READY message on your HP printer

Very cool, I want to do this at work!  You can change the “PRINTER READY”message that is always on those HP laser printers to say anything you want.

US Data Centers May Be Forced To Green Their Operations

“Sixty-three percent of the respondents reported that their data center had run out of space, power or cooling capacity without warning.”


Printers Prompt For Ink Replacement Before Ink Is Out

“An EPSON study found many printers will tell you it’s time to replace the ink cartridge before it’s actually empty.”