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Movie Review: Super 8

This was a great movie. But that has already been said. After all, Rotten Tomatoes gave the movie an 82%, which if you know Rotten Tomatoes is a very good score. It is a Sci-Fi movie, but at the same time there are elements of Thriller and Suspense flick in it. Nothing to scary, but I did jump a few times. Definitely not okay for little kids. Too scary, but your older teens will be okay. It marked as a Sci Fi flick on Rotten Tomatoes, but on IMDB it is marked as a Thriller too. It reminded me of E.T., The Goonies and Flight of the Navigator. Those type of movies in the early 80’s when the kids in movies ran towards adventure and anything scary instead away from it. The movie takes place in 1979, so that helps with the whole early 80’s feeling. But the kids are brave and cool. They are smart and funny. These kids are great actors and that sold the movie for me. This is a fun watch and I highly recommend it.