Oatmeal Experiment: Weigh in #4

I’m back up to negative one.  I gained one pound since yesterday.  Bummer.  Kinda seems to be normal weight fluctuations so far.  Tom in the comments of the last post suggested that I keep up the experiment for more than one week.  He suggest that I keep it up for a month.  My response is, “Are you nuts?”  One month, I can barely do this for one week.  I miss bacon, eggs, crossants, hash browns, etc.  This has been very difficult.

Before I worked at Verizon Wireless, with the connivence of the cafe, I used to skip the breakfast meal altogether.  But now, every morning I get something.  I’m definitely taking the weekend off.  Its Easter for heck sake!  On Monday, I’ll decide what my next steps will be, but I’m not done yet.  One more day to go.




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