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Bike Ride

I think the picture above would have turned out much better with my SLR, but I really don’t want to lug around such a big camera while out on a bike ride.  Today I left the house around 8am in search of some good deals and a great bike ride.  I was only able to satisfy one of those however.  I went to three garage sales.  The first one was pretty good, seemed like nice folks, didn’t have much out, but there were some DVDs that I should have probably asked how much they were, but I hate it when people don’t mark things with prices, its garage sale 101!  The next sale was a total bust, they hardly had anything out.  The last place I stopped at was equally disappointing.

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The best part about the ride was ride. While disappointed in the garage sales, I did have a good time and it made my bike ride interesting. I printed out the map above before I went so I could find everything. I thought I might see some other garage sales while I was out that didn’t have anything listed on craigslist, which is where I found out about the ones that I went to. Irvine has great bike paths, I really enjoy riding them and am thankful that they are there.


It’s all in the name!

Surname Map found on Lifehacker via CNET.

In the US there are 27,980 phone book entries with the surname Watts and approximately 74.613 persons with this name.

Thus, the surname Watts the 296th most frequent name in the US. 

Most occurrences are in Texas: 2,265. 

Other states with lots of occurrences are:

2. California  1,932
3. North Carolina 1,743
4. Florida 1,514
5. Georgia 1,291
6. Alabama  1,244
7. Tennessee 1,104
8. South Carolina 1,036
9. Kentucky 974
10. Virginia 972