Monthly Archives: November 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of great food and great company.  We went down to my parents house in Carlsbad braving the rain on the drive down.  It was the longest drive that Samantha has ever been on and the first time she has seen my parents house.

Here she is hanging out in a swing at Grandma’s house.

Here is Ryan and Missy.  “Say Cheese!”

Here is Michelle, Samantha and Missy on the couch.

Duane carving up Tom.

Grandma Lyn holding Samantha.  She looks tired.

Michelle, Cousin Ryan, Grandma Lyn and Aunt Melissa.

Here is a cute shot of Samantha getting a kiss from Ryan.

Aunt Melissa holding Samantha.

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Samantha’s 8th Week

Can’t believe Samantha is already 2 months old.  We had a great Thanksgiving (pictures of that coming soon)!  I also took the week off to so I could spend it with Samantha and Michelle.

Here is a picture of David holding Samantha.

Here is one of Samantha hanging out in her crib, which she can play in all by herself for 10 minutes at a time with no help.

This is a photo of me holding Samantha at the Sepctrum outside Santa’s house near Target.

Here is another one at the same place, but with the whole family.

Here is a shot of Samantha being held by her Great Grandma Georgie.

And finally a picture of Uncle Philip holding Samantha.

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