Samantha is One Month Old!

We have had a lot of visitors again in the past few weeks.  Mommy and Daddy took a lot of pictures.  Here is one of Samantha in her swing toy!

And this one is zoomed out so we can see her enjoying the movement of the swing.

Most of the Balderrama girls came to visit us as well.  Here is a bunch of shots with them holding Samantha.

Ann always wanted to hold Samantha more!

Eventually everyone got a chance to hold Samantha.

Today we took Samantha out for a little stroll in the neighborhood.  She wasn’t awake for most of it, but we did get some good photos.

Dad got his chance to hold Samantha too.

This next one is a good picture of me, but Samantha was starting to get fussy.

This one seems like a good shot to leave off with.

There are more pictures at our Picasa page.

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