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Samantha’s Visitors

Today Samantha had lots of visitors!


Here is our first family photo with all of us in it!


This is Samantha with the flowers that Grandma Lyn and Daddy gave Mommy after Samantha was born.

Grandma Lyn Visited and brought Grandpa Duane and Aunt Melissa.


Grandpa Duane holding Samantha.

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Where is the Baby?

Ok so here is the deal…

The nurses pretty much kicked me out of the hospital tonight telling me to go home and get some rest for the big day tomorrow.  What happened today is…

When we went to the doctors appointment they performed a test that monitors the baby’s heart beats and Michelle’s contractions.  Michelle really was not having “big” contractions at that time, but after a long time hooked up to this machine the doctor looked at the print out and said there was a decline in the baby’s heart beat and we should go to the hospital now.  She stressed that this was not a bad thing and the baby’s heart beat is VERY strong.  The baby is just fine and was most likely just moving and that caused that machine to register a drop.  Michelle said that the baby was moving a lot and I remember looking at the printout at the time she said that and seeing the needle drop for a while then come back up.

However, our doctor felt it was best if we went to the hospital to get a ultasound and make sure everything was okay.  So we did, after a long wait we finally got the results of the utlrasound.  She got an 8 out of 8.  A perfect score.  So no problems there, but the doctor said, “Well, you are already here so….”  The doctor wants to keep her there overnight while we wait for a room in delivery to open.  They can only accept 20 patients and that is what they have now.  Since they want to induce Michelle to kick start the labor, she is second priority to all the women already in true labor.

The plan is for her to stay the night and try to get some rest at the hospital.  At 9am they will move her back to Labor and Delivery and induce the labor at that time.  So most likely the baby will make his/her appearance tomorrow, sometime.  I will Twitter as much as I can tomorrow.  And when we get home I will post more information here.  Thank you everyone for your encouraging words and constant, “Where’s the baby?”.


High-fructose corn syrup

I’ve been watching all the commercials that the corn growers are putting out on television lately.  I hope people are smarter than the corn refiners association.  They are pushing people to believe that HFCs are okay for you when there is plenty of evidence that it is very bad for you.  Investigate and look at the evidence yourself, but don’t believe the corn refiners assocation to tell you that their product is good for you, think man!

Watch the movie King Corn.  Read what the Mayo Clinc says about HFCs.