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First Time in History: Arctic Becomes an Island as Ice Melts

The North Pole has become an island for the first time in human history as climate change has made it possible to circumnavigate the Arctic ice cap. The historic development was revealed by satellite images taken last week showing that both the north-west and north-east passages have been opened by melting ice.

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Non-Dairy Cheese

30 million people in the United States suffer from lactose intolerance.  I am part of the luck 15% of Caucasians that suffer this affliction.  For a pizza eating, cheese burger loving, nacho snacking male, this is very bad news.

  • 90% of Asian American adults have lactose intolerance
  • 70% of African-American adults have lactose intolerance
  • 74% of Native American adults have lactose intolerance
  • 53% of Mexican-American adults have lactose intolerance
  • 15% Caucasian adults have lactose intolerance

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As a lactose intolerant person, I really missed cheese for a while.  Yes, I can take some pills, but it is just not the same.  I would much rather just be able to eat it (an cook with it).  And now I have found some cheese products that I can do just that with.  One was even mentioned in Scientific American lately.  In the article, they mention Tofutti, while I haven’t tried they’re cheese slices I have been enjoying their deserts.  For cheese I really like Veggie Shreds or Veggie Slices.  I did also like Rice Cheese, it has a funny smell when melted.  I’ve been able to find many of these products at Sprouts.  While there I always pick up some of Amy’s frozen foods, great dairy-free foods!