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New York Rangers forward Sean Avery has been sent to hospital after lacerating his spleen during a playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Not saying he deserved to get hurt.  I never like to see anyone get hurt, but man as soon as I read this headline the only thing I could think was KARMA.

Full story at CBC Sports.


Wife and mother arrested 32 years after escaping prison

Absoultey amazing!!!

SAN DIEGO — Authorities say a woman who escaped from a Detroit prison 32 years ago has been arrested in San Diego, where she was a wife and mother living under a false name.

U.S. Marshals say 53-year-old Susan Lefevre was taken into custody Thursday in the Carmel Valley area.

In 1976, Lefevre managed to walk out of the Detroit House of Corrections after serving just one year of a 10- to 20-year sentence on conspiracy and drug convictions.

Using the name Marie Walsh, she married, raised three children and had been living in San Diego for nearly 10 years.

Authorities in late March received a tip saying Lefevre might be living in California as Marie Walsh. They confirmed it through a thumbprint match.

When she was arrested, Lefevre told marshal’s deputies that her family had no idea she was a fugitive.

Originally from LA Times.  Updated:  Story no longer available at LA Times, found at the


VitaSpelt Pretzels

Spelt PretzelsI haven’t done a food review in a long time. So here you go. I bought these pretzels from Sprouts because pretzels are a great alternative to chips, they are less calories. These Pretzels however, do not taste right.

I have had lots of pretzels before that look just like these, and these just don’t taste like pretzels are supposed to. I would love to tell you what they taste like but there is a total absence of flavor. Its just not right. I guess Spelt is a different kind of grain. Its not for me.


Twitter Item #40404

This morning I was staring across the table at Kirkland Signature Tortilla Strips Item #44004. First thought that popped into my (admittedly odd) mind was thats kinda close to 40404. Of course, all the “Interweb” people know what I am talking about already, Twitter. That got me thinking. I wonder what products have the famous 40404 as their item number. Being an “Interweb” person, I know who will have the answer (the great and powerful OZ, aka): Google. Here are the top 5 products with the item number of 40404:

Twitter Triangle Triangle
Warning! do not exceed working load limit (WLL).
Twitter Book Family (Firstborn) a book by Kingsbury Karen
Book Description
A Sensational Trial
Katy Hart travels to Los Angeles to testify against the knife-wielding fan who tried to kill her. She is hunted by paparazzi who figure out that she is the mystery woman photographed with Hollywood movie star Dayne Matthews. Tension and pressure build to a dangerous level as Katy and Dayne seek private moments amidst the frenzy. In the end, Dayne’s celebrity life makes Katy certain that a future with him is all but impossible.A Life-Changing Decision
As the trial comes to a close, Dayne searches for answers he cannot seem to find. Not until he talks to his childhood friend does he realize his desperate need for wisdom and direction. Ultimately his journey leads him to an isolated beach where God makes Dayne’s future as clear as the waters of Cancun. But can he live with the decision God places before him?A Stunning Discovery
Landon and Ashley Baxter Blake are celebrating the happiest days of their lives, enjoying Cole and their newborn son. But Ashley cannot find peace until she finds her older brother – the firstborn Baxter sibling. Her constant questions to her father, John Baxter, have netted nothing. Now she receives news that rocks her world and threatens to end her search in heartbreaking finality.
Twitter Cross High Polish 4 Evangelists Processional CrucifixHigh Polish finish on this elegant and meaningful with medallions of the 4 Evangelists set with a traditional, crucified corpora.
This bronze crucifix, has a durable oven baked finish, and comes with matching stand.
Corpora of cast aluminum.
Base Diameter is 12 inches across
Features include:
21 x 15 1/2 inch Cross Overall Height of 83 inches
Processional tube coated with clear baked on powder finish to prevent tarnishing.
Top section removable at the node
Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.
Item #40404 $1,570.00
Twitter Bird House Coco House
Twitter Decal Decal Magic Platinum Fiber Pattern
Price: $10.95

Only in Canada…

Actual headline in CBC News: Police on guard in Montreal in case of another hockey riot

Hockey Riots

All the real hockey fans are in Canada!

Chablo hinted that police will be bused in, instead of bringing cruisers — a popular target for rioters. Police will have a helicopter available if it’s needed, and will get backup help from the RCMP and Quebec provincial police. Read the whole article.


A related article.


The System Works?

Man wrongly convicted spends 10 months in jail.  Expected to get $581,700 in compensation.  They scared him into pleading guilty..

Orange County Superior Court Judge Robert F. Fitzgerald threatened to sentence him to life in prison if convicted.  The Orange County district attorney’s office prosecuted Ochoa despite having DNA evidence and fingerprints linking someone else..

Read the whole article at LA Times.