Monthly Archives: March 2008

St. Patrick’s Day


These are some pictures from Grandma Georgie’s house on St. Patrick’s Day.


Michelle and will

Will and Jim


Veggie Grill

V-Burger and KaleI’ve been visiting a new restaurant near UCI before my ASP.Net class. It is called the Veggie Grill. So far I have tried the fried chicken sandwich, its not really chicken since this is a vegetarian place. I also tried the V-Buger which is a vegetarian burger. It is really good. The meal comes with coleslaw, but since I’ve never been a fan of coleslaw I always ask to substitute something else. Their choices for subsitutes are: sweet potatoe fries, smokin’ kale and a side salad. I have tried all the options and like the kale the best. I actually had that tonight (pictured).