Monthly Archives: September 2007

The Cravery

Today Will, Tim and I all went to the Cravery.  It was okay, but not what I was expecting.  The pie I had was good (Classic Chicken), just wish it was a little larger with more filling.  It was enough to satisfy, but I was expecting more.  The flavor was a bit lacking.  I would eat there again though.  Glad I finally had a chance to eat at this place.  See Monster Munching‘s review here.  And visit the Cravery online here.


Metro Bus Hits Cyclist, Only Cyclist Gets Put in Handcuffs

In Hollywood, a bicyclist is riding legally in the street as a bus approaches who honks and nudges him on the side. The bicyclist stands his ground in front of the bus at the next bus stop telling the driver that she hit him. She pushes the gas, hitting him twice. When the police arrive, they put the cyclist in cuffs. It’s stories like this that make me hate cops!

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Ducks 5, Canucks 0

img_4224.JPGTonight Michelle, David and I all attended a Ducks Pre-season game.  We had a great time.  We kept trying to get better seats and got kicked out of them about 5 times.  But I did over hear a conversation about Teemu.  This lady was telling her friend that she doesn’t think Teemu will come back based on converstations she had had with him.  He didn’t say straight out that he wasn’t coming back but he did say that he missed his family, his wife was pregnant and he liked the fact that his golf game was getting better.  I guess because he has more time to play.  He said the hard part is giving up something you like so much.  The  Canucks were very bad losers, starting many fights.  It was strange to watch a game where Selanne and Neidermider did not play.  I hope at least one of them comes back this season.  Hockey officially started for me tonight.  I bought a puck that says “Stanely Cup Champions 2007” on it and a pennant that says the same thing.


Our Entertainment Center is Finally Gone!

After 3 years of sitting in our 2nd bedroom and having no real function our very heavy oak entertainment system is gone.  And it left fast!  Our good friend Jonas expressed an interest and we let him know it was his if he wants it, but he has to move, it because it is too heavy for us.  He sent three big guys over to move it and they were lightening fast.  Michelle and I are glad to have one of our bedrooms back.  Thank you Jonas and Isela, and please thank your family and friends who came to move it.